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Use the Pickskins NFL Game Predictions portion of this website to provide you fantasy player recommendations using the data displayed in the window next to this paragraph. The Worksheet displayed in the web site Game Predictions page uses its game predictions algorithms to give you recommended NFL weekly fantasy picks. To determine the best picks: download the Excel Worksheet. Then, select the Worksheet Picks Tab function "E" to answer the Game Pick comments and note the Players Tab fantasy player performance picks by up/down arrow. Next, select the Picks Tab "F" function to answer its set of Game Pick comments. Match "E" and "F" function fantasy Players Tab results for players with the same performance up/down arrow direction. Players with the same arrow matchups give you the most probable fantasy player performance choices.

Pickskins Fantasy Pick results by matching prediction arrows in Players Tab on the Game Predictions page.
Position Week 20 Fantasy Player   Wk 20 PIN Wk 21 PIN Predictn Actual   Wk 21 PIN
PIN "E" "F"
QB Nick Foles(PHI) vs MIN 11.44 11.10 14.80
QB Nate Sudfeld(PHI) vs MIN 0.39 0.10 0.49
RB Jay Ajayi(PHI) vs MIN 8.78 8.50 9.54
RB Corey Clement(PHI) vs MIN 5.78 5.50 5.26
RB LeGarrette Blount(PHI) vs MIN 5.68 5.40 6.15
RB Kenjon Barner(PHI) vs MIN 0.83 0.50 1.30
WR Alshon Jeffery(PHI) vs MIN 7.95 7.70 9.88
WR Nelson Agholor(PHI) vs MIN 7.16 6.90 6.07
WR Torrey Smith(PHI) vs MIN 2.07 1.80 2.69
WR Mack Hollins(PHI) vs MIN 2.83 0.40 0.72
WR Marcus Johnson(PHI) vs MIN 0.36 0.10 0.27
TE Zach Ertz(PHI) vs MIN 7.54 7.20 7.45
TE Trey Burton(PHI) vs MIN 3.54 3.20 3.03
TE Brent Celek(PHI) vs MIN 1.31 1.00 1.56